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American Idol Season 8 Episode 30: The Top 7 Results

Matt GiraudEach week the results show opening clip about how The! Competition! Is! Getting! Fierce! gets more hyperbolic and hilariously over-the-top. Just when I think this show has topped itself, it hits a new level of melodrama.

The Ford commercials this year have sucked so much. This one is about the finalists on magazine covers, set to “Freeze Frame.” I feel like a past season has already done this exact commercial to this exact song.

Now that Scott’s gone, the producers go overboard this week having the finalists run up and down the stairs in the group performance, to “Maniac” from Flashdance. They sound good on it but nobody is wearing an off-the-shoulder torn sweatshirt, which is disappointing.

The top 7 went to the 17 Again premiere and got to rub elbows with Zac Efron and an overly excited Leslie Mann, who enjoys meeting the kids but really wants to see Simon. Zac’s also in the audience and plugs the movie some more, looking a bit embarrassed about it, not to mention a little unwashed. A shower before live TV would’ve killed you, Efron? True story: I was offered sneak preview tickets for both 17 Again and State of Play, both of which are for tonight. If you think I’m going to see the smart political thriller based on an acclaimed BBC miniseries, you’d be wrong. I feel no shame.

Results! Allison still can’t answer a question from Ryan coherently, but she can sing so she’s safe. Adam’s also safe because duh, but Anoop is in the bottom three. Again, because duh. He slumps like Charlie Brown across the stage to his stool.

Jennifer Hudson is back to perform her new single “If This Isn’t Love” after a video tribute to her career since getting the boot on American Idol 3 and sending Elton John into a frothing rage. Remember that? Comedy gold, y’all. J.Hud sounds great on a pretty boring song and after she talks to Ryan about winning a Grammy and her wedding plans. What’s not mentioned but everyone is obviously thinking about it are the murders of almost her entire family. J.Hud’s family is the new David Cook’s dying brother.

After the break, Anoop whines about being in the bottom three again and Simon flatly says he deserves to be there. Awesome. Back to the results, where Kris is declared safe after Simon makes a special effort to point out how brilliant Kris was, since he didn’t get to on performance night. Lil’s in the bottom three, Danny is safe because of Dead Wife, and Matt rounds out the bottom three. Simon says one contestant might be saved, but everyone might be surprised about who that is. Even before the show ended, I guessed Matt because Simon is clearly over Anoop and Lil and his vote is the only one that counts.

Miley Cyrus performs. No.

Ryan sends Anoop back to safety. In all fairness, that was the right call because of the bottom three, Anoop was the only one who was actually good. He just suffers from excessive dullness and a raging sense of entitlement. That leaves Lil and Matt and Ryan declares Matt the lowest vote-getter.

Matt sings his song again and he sounds a million times better because he leaves out all the irritating riffs he put in on performance night. He’s also a lot less desperate-sounding than previous eliminees this season. I don’t know if he had a good feeling about getting saved or if he just decided not to worry about it. In any case, after Simon dicks him around and says Matt doesn’t have a chance at winning, he uses the veto to save Matt. It makes sense because there was only one more week to use it and not using it at all was unthinkable. What if the eliminee next week was Anoop or Lil? Matt’s not going to win but the judges like him, so saving him for what will likely be just one more week was the best option.

Pandemonium ensues. The other finalists leap all over Matt and Paula and Kara are crying and the audience is going crazy. It’s like finale night, which makes me think actual finale night is going to literally make the place explode. Simon points out that two people will be given the boot next week, which will have a Disco theme. Excellent.

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