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American Idol Season 8 Premieres January 2009

Of all the reality shows on TV today, American Idol is the one I love most. I’ve always enjoyed hearing talented people sing. I think there are many talented folks out there who can sing, but some of them go unrecognized, and American Idol has given them the chance to follow their dreams and let their talent be heard by millions. Although, I have to admit, I’d rather not have to sit through the auditions, because while some of the bad singers are funny at times, it gets old having to hear so many of them. I become more glued to my television after the judges have chosen the real talents and the actual competition begins. How about you, can you live without the auditions?

Last season America voted and David Cook won American Idol Season 7. Since then he seems to have come far, and his debut album is scheduled to be released this fall. Personally, I think he’s going to have many sales. Now the question is who will win American Idol Season 8? I’m anxiously waiting to hear all the talented young people move me with their voices. Not only will Fox introduce us to new talents this season, but we’ll also meet a new judge who will be joining Paula, Randy and Simon. Her name is Kara DioGuardi, and she’s a Grammy-nominated songwriter. In fact, former American Idols such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have recorded her songs.

If you’re a huge American Idol fan anxiously awaiting American Idol Season 8, tune in to the premiere scheduled to air January 2009. I know, that’s still over 3 months away, but it will be here before you know it. If you’d like a sneak peak at the talent we can expect to see next year, log on to the official American Idol website where you can view videos from each city.

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