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Crystal Bowersox’s Illness Could Impact Her Future On American Idol

American Idol shifted its schedule last week, but not to accommodate one its high profile judges, instead it was to help out one of their contestants. Idol switched the order for the guys and girls, and let the guys go first after doctors kept Crystal Bowersox out of the competition on Tuesday. If they hadn’t made the change for Crystal, she would have been disqualified for not performing, even though she was hospitalized at the time.

It was an unprecedented moveĀ  for one of TV’s biggest shows and one that paid off for Bowersox, who swept the incident aside and landed in the Top 12. But, will her health keep her from winning it all?

Bowersox, a 24-year-old Ohio native and mother, suffers from diabetes. Currently, she is the unanimous favorite among online betting sites to win season nine but some speculate her illness may prevent her from winning.

Former American Idol contestants Christina Christian, Megan Joy and David Cook also experienced health scares during the competition. Cook, whose condition was perhaps the most serious in ‘Idol’s’ history, was hospitalized for heart palpitations and high blood pressure but went on to win it all. Maybe she can follow in Cook’s footsteps and overcome her illness to win it all.

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