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David Cook — American Idol Season 7: Where is He Now?

While we wait for the premiere of American Idol Season 8 to air in 4 months, I thought I would catch you up on David Cook. David won American Idol Season 7, and since his time on American Idol, he has been busy working on his debut album, scheduled for release on November 18, 2008 (just in time for Christmas). In fact, you can listen to the single entitled Light On from David’s upcoming debut album at Pop Eater. If you would like to know the lyrics to Light On before you head to Pop Eater for a listen, visit the official David Cook blog.

With that bit of recent news out of the way, I would like to talk a little more about David Cook’s success since he won American Idol Season 7. And I am sure all you David Cook fans are eager to know what else this young star has been up to since then, right? Of course you are, and it should not surprise you to know that one week after winning American Idol Season 7, 11 of David’s songs made their way to Billboard’s Hot 100. Furthermore, another one of his singles entitled The Time of My Life made it to number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

To discover more about David Cook and all his accomplishments since winning American Idol Season 7, visit him at While you are there, you can tune in to David’s Vlogs and subscribe to his RSS feeds to keep up-to-date on his upcoming successes, which I have no doubt he will achieve.

Photo credit: Meagan

One Response to “David Cook — American Idol Season 7: Where is He Now?”

[…] the theme is going to be because Ryan doesn’t tell us. Also, my forever-and-ever AI boyfriend David Cook returns to pimp his new video and perform! But my birthday isn’t until November. Watch […]

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